Overview Of The New SEO

Google recommends responsive web design. This is an enhanced website that is adaptive to every screen size for all major devices like laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and mobile users. There are some very good reasons why you should consider a more responsive web design. First, you are providing an improved user experience. When visitors can [...]

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Requirements Of A New Website

Requirements of the new website are: Unique customised design Responsive Fast load time Site-wide search Search engine friendliness: SEO-friendly URLs Text based navigation Dynamic public sitemap Dynamic XML sitemap txt file Canonical domain redirects set Custom 404 error page Content Management System (CMS): Self contained and portable, not integrated into a larger system Drop [...]

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What Are Your Google Search Result Positions Really Worth To Your Business?

If you have a website that you want people to visit, you have to invest in it. A significant proportion of this investment should go to search engine optimisation (SEO). Why? Because if people cannot find your site in search, then the website is non-existent to them. Why have a website if people cannot find it? Online, [...]

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Standard Industry Website Conversion Rates

It does not matter the channels you utilise – be it print advertising, social media or email marketing – the call-to-action usually leads to a website where a conversion, either generating a lead or completing a sale, happens. Before we go any further, let’s first define what conversion rate is. Conversion rate is defined [...]

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Google Analytics referral Spam – what is it and how to deal with it

Referral spam has been slowly but steadily creeping into Google Analytics’ reports reaching a point where it cannot be ignored anymore. Referral sperm involves sending fake referral traffic to a website using spambots. It sounds quite harmless but can turn serious with an increase in the number of fake referrals. Bots are crawler programs developed [...]

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Your Website. It’s all about Performance

Successful websites are all about performance: your target market achieving the goals that you set for your website. Your goals could be to: sell your products or services; to inform and educate, or to drive business leads. The important thing to remember is that having GOALS for your website is essential.  Goals allow you to [...]

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