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Do you understand your website’s conversion funnels?

From visitor source to business generation you need to know what is working, what isn’t working and how to improve the conversions of visitors through your website.

We provide full measurement, analysis and recommendations for all of the steps of your websites conversion funnel(s) from external traffic sources to visitor enquiries and ultimately business. Includes:

  • Identification and definition of your expected conversion funnel(s).
  • Identification of all traffic sources eg from SEO efforts, PPC, Email Marketing, Video marketing, Mobile and Social Media etc.
  • Tracking and analysis of these sources of traffic into and through your website.
  • Leaky Funnel analysis. Analysis of traffic loss from your conversion funnel.

We don’t just analyse. We provide recommendations on what you can do to improve the level of enquiry or sales from your website. One off or monthly programs available.

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