Excellent Guide To SEO in 2014

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Excellent Guide To SEO in 2014

I came across this great article which I believe really provides a clear and concise summary of what SEO is, in 2014.

There are several best practices associated with SEO trends that have been dominating 2014 thus far.

Keyword Research

While plenty of SEO practices have changed over the last year, basic keyword research principles have not changed that much. Not all keyword research tools are free, but most offer a free trial that is enough for you to see if you like the tool or not before you purchase it.

The Google Keyword Planner  is great for basic research of keywords. It can make keyword suggestions and provides numbers for the search volume and competition. Once you have the basic research done, you can do more in-depth searches for long-tailed keywords.

SEO on your Webpage

The elements that go into building a good webpage have not changed. SEO on your webpage means that you are producing unique content that is high quality. It should meet the needs of your readers and exceed their expectations too.

Google will read your content in a different way, so you will need to include your main keywords in the URL, the Title Tag, include header tags, image tags and in your content. Make sure your content is longer, running between 1000 to 2000 words in length. Write about a topic and do not stuff the keywords in.

Try to create a page that covers a topic in depth and provides useful information. Use one or two keywords in your content. Update the blog often and do not sacrifice your content’s quality. Your blog should be active to be successful.

SEO for Mobile

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile. If your site is not mobile friendly, you are completely missing out on a huge amount of visitors. You need to have a dedicated mobile site that is responsive and that all of your elements are mobile friendly.

The information that you provide should be actionable and readily available. A click to call feature should be included on your mobile site, making it easier for people to contact you. Your content needs to load quickly – in about one second.

Set Up a Google Authorship Account

It is not too hard to set up a Google Authorship account  and should be something that you do immediately.

If you link up your Google profile with content produced by you then you automatically claim ownership of your content which increases your Author Rank, a value determined by the amount of content you produce and the quality of it. It also rises when other people publish content produced by you.

Matt Cutts of Google says that backlinks won’t lose their importance for several years, but he did hint that Google Authorship is going to become a lot more important when it comes to ranking in the future.

It is also useful to have Authorship because it increases the click through rates on your content showing up in the SERPs when you name and photo appears with your content.

This helps to build your brand and extend your content reach.

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